Rotary Club of Bali Seminyak

Visit to the Nusa Penida ‘Micro Credit Goat Project’ on 8th June 2014.

On Sunday, 8th June 2014, no less than sixteen of us boarded the fast boat to Nusa Penida. After nearly thirty-five minutes of bouncing on the waves,we arrived close to the shoreline of Nusa Penida. We then ran along the shoreline for another twenty-five minutes enjoying the view of the small fisherman’s huts, the  dense green vegetation and the palm trees before arriving at a small beach, where we all waded ashore. 

Drh Bayu, and Kirana  (a young lady with a degree in Marine Science, who assists Drh Bayu) gave us a warm welcome and then led us to three waiting vehicles. We then set off for the first goat farmer’s residence up in the hills of Nusa Penida and we were soon bouncing (literally) up a narrow and rather steep mountain road, making us all hold our breaths at times as we looked at the unfenced drop beside the road.

After what seemed like an eternity and several bruises later, we arrived at the first farmer’s location. We then disembarked and walked along a narrow path into the woods to meet the first farmer and his wife together with Bapak I Nyoman Citra,who was the local representative of the farmers.We then went to a little hut (built by the farmer), which contained two adult female goats from our project. One of these female goats had given birth to two kids only the week before and we all enjoyed holding them. 

We learnt from the farmer’s representative that no more goats had been killed or died since the seven that had died at the beginning of the project. The farmers were also now able to hold their heads high, as the project was working for them and they were seeing the results.Already Dr Bayu is building up a new herd of goats for the project to move onto the next set of farmers in need. 

 We also watched assistant director of FNPF, Ibu Made Damaianti, carry out vaccination of the goats, which had signs of skin problems.  

Following our visit to this farmer, we drove on to visit three other farmers, who lived in the hills of Nusa Penida, and each farmer and his family made us welcome.   At one stage a few Rotarians were even able to have a beer to toast the project’s success.  At the last farm there was a two-day old goat kid to greet us.

We then drove down the mountain road again to a hotel, where we had a buffet lunch. We then spent the last part of our day at the Nusa Penida Festival (where I managed to buy some seaweed jam, which I am anxious to try out).  

On the way back, the boat trip was very exciting and rather wet for those who sat at the stern near the engines. We all laughed, as we were having fun and it was after all nearly the end of a worthwhile visit to the island.

For photos, please go to the Album on the Home page. I do apologize for the photos being out of order and occasionally duplicated. Unfortunately, I have not yet mastered the programme.

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