Rotary Club of Bali Seminyak

RCBS – White Magic Moment


This so very spiritual island of Bali continues a strong belief in magic. White Magic calls out supernatural powers to bring about good, wondrous and beautiful events. (Use your scariest thoughts to imagine what Black Magic can do!)

Rotary is a special kind of White Magic and Rotarians are intent on creating as many as possible. Rotary White Magic comes to Rotary in the form of successful projects.

Often it’s an uphill climb to create White Magic. In the village of Tista we are building homes for the homeless, but Tista is in Mt. Agung’s volcanic red danger zone. The hope is that Mt  Agung may have decided to simply go back to sleep and that our sacred mountain plans to take a very long rest.

We bring consistent water supply to schools, build toilets and wash basins and teach children how and when to properly wash their hands, radically diminishing the occurrence of diarrhea. The White Magic moment is when we see children using those wash basins and scrubbing their hands with soap.

A Magic Moment is when we inspect newly built toilets and they’re CLEAN!

A Magic Moment is when a school wins a competition for cleanest toilets, cleanest sink and soap at every sink and then asks that their prize be supplies to help keep their facilities sanitary and clean.

A Magic Moment is when teachers from other schools come to see what a prize winning clean toilet looks like!

A Magic Moment is when a poverty level family in a falling down hovel will soon have a rebuilt house and egg-laying chickens. The eggs will go to market and the family will have an income.

A Magic Moment is when fun reading books are delivered to elementary schools and children insist on immediately sitting down to read.

A Magic Moment is when Rotary provided piglets grow up and produce more piglets!

A Magic Moment is when hotels collect partially used soap and rework the soap into new bars for poor families.

A Magic Moment is when adult goats finally figure out how to make baby goats.

A Magic Moment is when poverty level elementary, junior high or senior high youngsters learn they have earned a scholarship and they can continue their education.

A Magic Moment is when a specially equipped bus is delivered to an NGO to give service and transportation to the disabled.

A Magic Moment is when Indonesia chalks up another Polio Free Year.


Marylin Carson,

RC Bali Seminyak

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