Rotary Club of Bali Seminyak

RCBS supports the ‘Rice for Plastic’ exchange movement

Changing the way we dispose of plastic.

The program was created by Janur Moska, a Balinese man who came up with the concept to solve both hunger (especially during the pandemic) and the trash problem all at one time. The concept: trade rice for plastic. The great benefit is in maintaining the dignity of the people through a the system of trade and barter which is common throughout Bali.

For years the habit has been to toss plastic into the streets, streams, and environment. The Plastic Exchange program aims to reverse the habit of throwing to the habit of collecting through a six month program that starts at home. Sorting begins at the source and each family is educated how to sort and separate their plastic waste into different bags. Each type of plastic has a specific value during collection. Some plastics need four kilos of plastic for one kilo of rice and other plastics could be one kilo of plastic to one kilo of rice.

Once a month the plastic is collected and brought to the Banjar community center, weighed and all the data is collected. After six months habits begin to change and once the project is finished, those habits are maintained as seen in other communities that have been through the program.

This is RCBS’s first plastic exchange located in the village of Munggal, Desa Kukuh in Tabanan. The reason it is in this specific location is because the youth group reached out and asked for the program to be brought to their village.

Thank you very much to our Sponsors: Rotary Club of Perth , Australia
Rotary Club of Misbourne Matins, England

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