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Puhu Global Grant Teaches Hygiene

Puhu Global Grant Teaches Hygiene…Accompanied by Laughter
Mar 2017 – Fun can be found even when learning why we should wash our hands!  Teachers from Pelangi International Standard School used an exercise that had kids fully involved, very surprised, and laughing.  Putting a bit of sparkle goop on the palms of a few children’s hands and then asking them to shake hands with their fellow students, who in turn shook hands with other children, proved how easy it is to pass germs from one person to another…along with the sparkle goop!
Keeping over a hundred children focused on hygiene is no small task.  But teachers Ayu, Jasmine, Efi, Mia, and Ami make it look easy.  Interactive learning experiences had every one of the children practicing hand washing motions and then actually washing their hands while teachers observed.   Practicing the right way to brush their teeth was followed by everyone brushing their teeth, again with teachers looking on…and also brushing THEIR teeth.  Working with children in small groups, teachers were able to have lots of one on one instruction, ensuring that hands were correctly washed and teeth were white and bright.  
Children often do not drink enough water resulting in dehydration.  Pelangi teachers acted out how dehydration left us feeling listless with no energy.  They emphasized why drinking water rather than sweet drinks was healthier not only for our bodies but for our teeth!  And within the next few days every classroom will have filtered potable water available.  Children are already bringing their drinking cups to school. 
This project is really about changing behavior…not easy to do.  Research tells us that repetition is important to changing behavior so basic hygiene will be taught three separate times at every school…each time with different trainers using different teaching approaches.
Members of our Rotary Community Corp will be popping into schools unannounced to check on the condition of sanitation facilities and of course, soap at the wash basins.  Competitions between schools will be held to keep both schools staffs and children on their toes…focused on these new behaviors. 
And if you want to see Pelangi teachers in action go to:

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