Rotary Club of Bali Seminyak

OMG, it was big and delicious!

 A number of Rotarians from our club took advantage of the ‘Tuna Night’ thrown by our well-known club member, Rtn. Peter, at the Lestari restaurant last night.

 As you approached the bar to buy your pre-dinner drink, you looked straight into the eyes of a 50 kg tuna fish that had been freshly caught that very morning off the coast of Bali. It made the fish I proudly caught off Bali look rather small!

 All I can say is that my two guests, who usually eat very little in the evening, kept ordering plate after plate of tuna perfectly cooked in many different ways. 

Sadly all the patrons could only eat 30kgs of the fish!!

 Sorry, no photos of the night as everyone was far too busy eating and enjoying themselves.

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