Rotary Club of Bali Seminyak

The Helen E. Newman Scholarship Program

Project Coordinator:  Rtn Chris Neipp


Outline of the Project:


This project was initiated in 2010 in coordination with the ‘Friends of National Parks Foundation’ (FNPF) by the late Rtn. Helen E. Newman, who sadly passed away on 21st April 2014. In honor of her memory and her enormous contribution to this project, the name of this project was changed to ‘The Helen E. Newman Scholarship Program.’


The RCBS provides scholarships for students, who come from impoverished backgrounds.  General preference is given to high school students, which is where most students need assistance.


There are currently twenty students in class12 and 20 students in class 10 receiving a three-year high school scholarship in Nusa Penida.


Nusa Penida is an extremely impoverished island southeast of Bali. Water is scarce and very little can grow, making a living there is extremely limited. The chances, therefore, of children from this island ever attending high school and possibly going on to further education is remote without this project’s assistance.


The cost for one year of schooling is US$300, which covers school fees, uniforms, books and transport costs.


 Recent Project activity:


20 students are in class 12 (2016-2017) they will graduate from their high school in July 2017.





20 students started class 10,  August 2016 .RCBS will support these students  for three year until they graduate in July 2019.