Rotary Club of Bali Seminyak

Did you miss the exhibition and party on Friday night???

For those of you who did not make it to the “Pop-Art” exhibition held by Sebastiano and Rtn. Catharina on Friday night , you missed an array of beautiful paintings adorning the walls of the Lestari Restaurant and a well-attended party.

 From a distance and  to the ignorant eye, each painting looked just like a good painting, but on a closer examination you could see the real talent in each picture, as each picture was made up of many jigsaw-like wooden pieces, each carefully handcrafted into exotic designs and expertly painted, and then fitted into the next creating the character and background in the painting.

 I heard a whisper that the painting, which impressed me most, called ‘My First Doll’, had already been sold for some enormous sum of money – congratulations to Sebastiano and Rtn. Catharina.Thanks must also go to Sebastiano and Rtn. Catharina for donating 10 percent of the sale proceeds from this picture ( and others sold) to the ‘Smile Foundation’ and to Rtn. Peter for supplying a fee drink and delicious snacks for the event.


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