Rotary Club of Bali Seminyak

Cleft and Cranio-facial Operations – Smile Foundation

(Project Chair Rtn.: Virginie Sandstrom) 


Outline of the Project:

The Smile Foundation (Yayasan Senyum) was founded by RCBS’ honorary member, Mary Northmore, in 2005. The Foundation provides funding for operations and the necessary support for children and young adults, who need surgical intervention for cleftlip/palate and/or other serious craniofacial disabilities. Many patients require a number of operations to complete their treatment. Children, who are lucky enough to have the operations, are able to live healthier and more productive lives.

A single operation costs approximately US$ 500 to US$ 1,000. Since it started the Foundation has helped more than 2,500 people get the operations they need.

The RCBS has been a financial supporter of ‘The Smile Foundation’ since 2007

Read more about the Smile Foundation on their homepage


Recent activity:

(a) On 22 February 2014, the RCBS held a fundraising dinner dance at the Cocoon Beach Club in Seminyak.  This event was organized by the ‘Have a Heart’ Fundraising Committee comprising of Rtns. PN. Barbara, P. Raphaël, PE. Doris, Marie-Francoise, SaA. Sally, Virginie, PP. John G. and Jorg. The function successfully raised IDR 185 million (US$ 16,285). On 26 March 2014, during a vocational tour of the Neka Musium,Ubud, President Raphael proudly presented a cheque for IDR 185,000,000  to HM. Mary Northmore for the Smile Foundation.

(b) On 2 April 2014, Rtn. Steffen announced that he had visited several Rotary Clubs in Germany and had raised EUR 950 (IDR 15,000,000) from these clubs. He also received two further donations, one of EUR 13,300 (IDR 211,000,000) from the ‘Tools for Life Foundation’ and another from ‘The EIN HERZ FUR KINDER’ (A Heart Foundation for children in Germany) for the amount of EUR 54,500 (IDR 860,000,000).

Thus, in total, Rtn. Steffen raised  EUR 68,750 (US$ 95,850 / IDR 1,085,000,000) for the Smile Foundation. In recognition of this outstanding fundraising effort, the RCBS Board made Rtn. Steffen a



Paul Harris Fellow.  President Raphael proudly presented him with his Paul Harris Fellow Pin on 16 April 2014.