Rotary Club of Bali Seminyak

April Calendar 2016

Just a recap on what has already happened in April to date

  • Saturday April 2nd – Children with Disabilities in Negara. Possible Joint Project with other Bali Clubs with RC Kartika – Saturday, 2nd April 2016. Please see the Report on our HomePage on the trip to Negara with Rtn. Yuki joining and a number of other Rotarians.
  • GG1410647 Water and Sanitation –
  •    Proposed Action Plan- John Fawcett Foundation:
  • Wed, 6 Apr 2016 – Eye screening for 05 schools at John Fawcett
  • Thursday, 7 Apr 2016 – Eye screening, free reading glasses distribution, cataract surgery for Adults
  • Fri. 8 Apr 2016 – Post surgery check up 
  • Grateful Thanks to Rtn. Erika for leading the way on this portion of the Global Grant
  • THURSDAY 7th April – Trip to NusaPenida – PBarb and PP Raphael accompanied Visiting Rotarian Garth from RC Westbank, BC, Canada to NusaPenida. They first visited school SMK N1 in the village of Toyo Pakeh. SMK N1 which could be defined as “vocational school”where the students are taught technical practices (mechanics, hospitality..) and met TWO students RCBS Scholarship recipients study: DEDY is in form 12 and has already declared in a former mission that he would like to study mechanics (electrical engineering) for tertiary education. The college for this is located in Gianyar. Courses can be followed for 1, 2 or 3 years. His parents are both farmers
     AYU. is in form 12 and wants to acquire further education in order to be a Teacher in Hospitality and return to Nusa Penida to teach. The courses are provided in the city of UNIXA University in Singaraja (North of Bali). Singaraja…

We also visited the school  SMA 1 located in Toyo Patek, SMA is equivalent of a general high school. We met two students in form 11.Both of them want to be doctors.
            -I Wayan Agus Purnawan,
            -I Kadek Surya AtmajaIt was also good to visit with both Damaiand Anggi at the FNPF Centre and who work full-time for the Friends of the National Park Foundation (FNPF) They also help our club find the students/and do the administrative work on our behalf.In the new 2016/2017 year we will have 28 students in Form 11, (18 new students under the RCBS DDF from the District) and 20 students in Form 12 (coming up from Grade 11)It is hoped that RC Westbank, BC Canada will help us wth our HENSF Scholarship students in the future.

PP Anita spent Friday 8th April on Nusa Penidachecking up on the RCBS Pilot Goat Project and we look forward to hearing more about it at our Lunch Meeting on Wednesday 13th April 

  • New Generations Chair, Rtn. Jannell would like to remind Rotarians, that the RCBSRotaract Club will meet again this upcoming Tuesday at 6.30PM at the Trans Resort Hotel.
    Rtn. Jannell is urging Rotarians, that if they know someone that may be interested, to kindly invite them to this meeting. It’s free to join and attend! Snacks and drinks available.

WEDNESDAY 13TH APRIL LUNCH MEETING GUEST SPEAKER Guest Speaker/Dancer/Choreographer Jasmine Okubo

“Movement is my body, and my body is movements”Jasmine Okubo is a Japanese dancer and choreographer who was born in the west-side of Asian minor at Greek Dodecanese island in Aegean sea, Bodrum peninsula, Southern Turkey.She visited Bali for the first time in 1990 and saw a performance of Balinese dance when she was three years old. Then she immediately told her parents, ” I want to be a Balinese dancer!” When she was 9 years old, she took her first Balinese dance lessons in Ubud. She learned it for 2 week only, before she continued it for 2 months on 1997.She started to perform Balinese dance regularly at Padang Tegal (Ubud) in 1997. Where she performed “Barong Dance” After her Balinese dance journey, she collaborated with Indonesian artists and performed in various events in Indonesia and abroad as a professional dancer and choreographer.

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