Rotary Club of Bali Seminyak

A Weekly Update and Guest Speaker for Wednesday 27th April 2016

After having worked for more than 35 years for banks in Switzerland, Daniel started to ask himself what he could do with the remaining productive time in his life.  A sabbatical lead Daniel to Bali in 2003, where he encountered a number of women begging in the streets of Ubud.  Being curious and interested in the lives of other people, he began to investigate about the reasons why some people in Bali had to be beggars.  After a trip to Muntigunung he returned to Ubud and decided to stop his professional activities in Switzerland and start organizing help for these disadvantaged people.  Since then he initiated the formation of ‘Future for Children in Switzerland,’ a non-profit organization (foundation) with the purpose of solving the poverty problem in Muntigunung. 

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